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The Florida Forest Service has been the state’s lead agency for managing state forests for nearly 80 years. While FFS works hard to protect Florida’s forests and make them available for public enjoyment, there is much more that could be done with additional resources to enhance their value to our communities.

Otter On ShoreYour contributions and support  to Friends of Florida State Forests is crucial to conservation of Florida's state forests and ensuring quality public recreation for all Floridians, in addition to augmenting government resources. Membership or contribution levels are listed below, or you can choose to donate an amount to one of our state forests or statewide where funds will be used where needed. Members of Friends of Florida State Forests will be part of a statewide organization dedicated to improving the health of our forests and the quality of the programs and activities offered.

The development and maintenance of recreational resources and facilities is a never-ending process. Building and maintaining kiosks, adding and improving signage, maintaining and developing trails, improving and creating maps and coordinating public events such as off-track bicycles rallies, horseback trail rides and cross-country running events, and reforestation (planting trees) are just a few of the ongoing tasks that are necessary to keep the state forests accessible to the public and provide a deeper appreciation for the natural environment.

In addition to receiving the Friends logo decal, members can also direct part of their membership dues, contributions or donations to our state forests, a specific forest and/or statewide forest category. Membership fees help support the programs of the state forests, with up to 75% restricted for use in the member's local forest area and the remaining supporting general state forest projects and administrative needs for all state forests.

Contributions or donation of equipment or supplies can also be directed to a specific project or particular state forest or can be non-specific, in which case they are used for projects benefiting all state forests.

FFSF is a charitable not-for-profit corporation, exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, I.D. #59-3504595. Membership dues, donations and contributions are tax deductible as permitted under current law.

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